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Catalytic Converter Recycling

De-Canning SystemOne of the most profitable jobs today is recycling. In recent years with the continuous increase in metal prices, metal recycling, especially the companies that recycle precious metals, are constantly growing . PGM group metals lead the price increases.

The increases in the last 5 years have directed investors to the recycling sector. Just 2017, the price of palladium increased by 55.29%. Vehicle sales set new records every day, and tight environmental policies implemented by governments are the main reason for these price increases. In this case, the mining market has not been able to respond adequately to the demand.

Therefore, the secondary mining sector, the recycling market, steps in. There are 2 different methods in the recycling process, hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical. In the choice of these methods, the decision is made according to the quality of the material and the structure of the enterprise.

Platinumpalladium and rhodium are the main raw materials of catalytic converters. For this reason catalytic scrap from the vehicles today is very valuable. Recently, collectors are also actively involved in the recycling business. As the cornerstone of such a profitable industry; With small investments they make, they earn good money by recycling at least ‘physical’.

Catalytic converter recycling consists of 2 main parts: In physical and chemical recycling, the physical structure is completely risk free. In addition, the company does not need environmental permits because no chemicals are used in the physical recycling process. Even when you sell the material coming out of the catalytic converter as a powder, it is a profitable business. But you can increase the value of your business by bringing this material to the appropriate grain size, passing it through some processes and enriching it. Even with a low budget, physical recycling can be invested.

The chemical process is a method that has been more efficient in recent years and the result can be easily obtained. We definitely recommend it to investors in Stage 2. Because this is where the metal is handled directly. Platinum, palladium and rhodium prices are so high that they increase their recycling investments to these metals every day. If you are interested in such an investment, we gladly offer the necessary assistance for the business that best fits your capacity and budget.

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