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Ball Mill

Ball Mill

Ball mills are critical tools used for precisely grinding materials to the correct size. Especially for catalytic converters, obtaining the right material size is crucial for chemical recycling processes. The primary purpose of this device is to grind used car catalytic converters into fine powder fractions with a diameter of 0.05-0.8 mm. This material size ensures optimal results for achieving high recovery rates in chemical processes.

Working Principle of Ball Mill

The working principle of ball mills is to grind the material in a grinding chamber using collision and abrasive forces. Balls rotate in the mill chamber, creating contact points with the material, crushing or grinding it. Factors such as the size of feed particles, the size of the balls in the mill, the mill’s speed, and the size of the grinding medium are essential parameters influencing the grinding force.

Key Features of Ball Mill

  • Silent Efficiency: Our ball mills operate quietly, creating a comfortable and productive working environment.
  • High Efficiency: They ensure the attainment of the desired particle size while minimizing material loss, making them the ideal choice for efficient recycling processes.
  • Consistent Quality: Stable particle size distribution simplifies achieving a homogeneous output, vital for optimal results.
  • Minimal Product Loss: Our ball mills maintain product loss below 2%, ensuring high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • User-Friendly Control: Equipped with PLC and Touch Screen Control, the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) simplifies operations.
  • Safety First: Our ball mills adhere to the stringent European ATEX and PSR 11 standards, providing comprehensive explosion protection and safety.

Proses Makina’s Ball Mill;

Proses Makina’s Ball Mill is in an array of sizes, perfectly catering to the unique demands of the catalytic converter recycling industry. Our designs are versatile, serving the needs of small-scale investors and large industrial facilities alike. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to custom design options, tailored precisely to your requirements and capacity. Moreover, our portfolio includes laboratory-scale mills, addressing tasks like analysis, sampling, and grinding.



If your goal is to elevate efficiency in your catalytic converter recycling procedures while championing environmental sustainability, our Ball Mills stand as the definitive choice. Our expertise in engineering and custom design capabilities position our Ball Mills as industry leaders, offering tailored solutions for your unique needs. If you’re seeking a system that harmonizes with your specific needs, guarantees safety and adheres to the highest standards, our Ball Mill is your ultimate ally. Connect with us today and embark on the journey towards a bespoke solution that catapults your success.