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Can I Sell Precious Metals Recovered From The Catalytic Converter?

Platinum, palladium and rhodium (platinum group metals) which are inside the catalytic converters are very valuable and can be recovered with the correct process. If we use appropriate machines and process, we can finally get our precious metals. Platinum group metals are distinguished from other metals due to their high economic value. For this reason, their recovery is crucial. Anyy metal that is lost and garbage is a waste of money. The recycled form of a metal is called ‘metal from secondary sources’.

3-7 gr Platinum group metal can be taken from catalytic converters. There is no more profitable metal group in recycling than the PGM group.

After refining, PGM group metals in the catalytic converter can be obtained in high purity. If we want, we can take Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium as bouillon, lever, or powder at the end of the refining process. Most importantly, they can be re-used in high-tech products. In addition, automobile factories create a great demand for exhaust production to these converted metals. For this reason, it has a large market.

Many investors are building recycling facilities around the world. Because platinum, palladium and rhodium obtained from recycling are easily sold and established facilities can earn its costs within 6 months.

Also, obtaining Platinum group metals from mines is very expensive and harmful to the environment. For this reason, platinum, palladium and rhodium obtained from recycling are very profitable for investors and it is very important to use the resources of our world correctly.