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Chemical leaching system is the first step of the sustainable solutions to recover valuable metals from mine, spent batteries and catalytic converters produced by Proses Makina.

Hydrometallurgy, which involves the use of aqueous solutions for the recovery of metals from ores, concentrates, and recycled or residual material, plays an integral role in the multi-billion-dollar minerals processing industry. Hydrometallurgical metal recovery is typically performed in three main stages: metal dissolution, concentration and purification, and metal recovery. Metal dissolution, which involves chemical leaching approaches, is the first step in hydrometallurgy after the sorting and grading of materials.


Leaching is a solid-liquid extraction procedure in which solid metal waste is combined with a leaching reagent, a liquid solvent that dissolves the metal. The leach liquor resulting from the leaching step typically undergoes concentration and purification processes to concentrate metal ions that are to be recovered and for removing impurities that interfere with the metal recovery process. Strong acids such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and hydrochloric acid are often used as leaching reagents. Atmospheric leaching requires relatively low capital investment.

The efficiency of leaching process depends on chemical and physical properties of mineral or metal of interest such as chemical characteristic of ore and host rock:

  • The nature of solid/cell structure
  • Diffusion of solute from the material to surface and then to the bulk of the solution
  • Particle size and its distribution
  • Solubility of the solute in solvent and the temperature of operation


Proses Makina’s Chemical Leaching System has some essential advantages in terms of their economy and processing:

  • Being a slow system and requiring less technology significantly reduces the cost of equipment and capital.
  • Another advantage is its simplicity, a series of parameters must be controlled periodically for its success, but its implementation is simple and easy to maintain.
  • The processing of minerals, which contain variable chemical elements and come from diverse formations demonstrate the versatility of the technique.


Pressurized Chemical Leaching Tank integrated with Thermal Oil Heating Unit produced by Proses Makina. In this way, it offers the customers a guarantee of high efficiency with easy control in a safe manner through PLC control system which contains of automatic valves, level and temperature sensors.