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Is It Profitable To Establish A Catalytic Converter Recycling Facility?

Due to the high prices of platinum, palladium and rhodium,  the scrap of catalytic converters are in great demand. Catalytic converters were originally sold to large recycling plants, which they are not exceed 10 in the world. The collectors realized that much more profits can be made when they recycle these catalysts themselves. Cartel recycling companies buy the materials at low prices. This was not only in the catalytic convector, but also electronic waste.


In recent years, small collectors in the world Europe, Middle East and North America have started to establish their own recycling company. Most firms start with physical separation first. In these enterprises, which do not require huge investment, honeycomb materials in ceramic catalytic converters are purchased and enriched by various methods. Thus, it is made ready for chemical reaction. Some companies sell to large cartel recycling companies in this way and some others recycle chemicals within their own organization. When chemical recycling is finished, platinum, palladium and rhodium remain in the hands of the enterprises.

If the catalytic converter recycling plant operates with quality material and full capacity, it pays for it’s cost within 6-14 months. When the earnings are so high, they attract the attention of not only collectors but also many small and medium-sized investors. Establishing such a business is not very difficult especially by courtesy of the installation supports provided by the states to recycling facilities.

Setting up a recycling facility can be wasting both cost and time consuming. However, machines for catalytic converter recycling plant can be easily produced, installed and operated between 1-3 months. Also, if only physical recycling is to aimed, the permit and license process is very easy. Correct treatment systems must be presented in the permitting process for both physical and chemical recycling. In accordance with the facility structure of customers’s, Proses Makina offers the most correct solution suitable for the person and country.