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The PGM Refining are stated as European Union critical metals PGM ore mining takes place in limited areas in the world. The recycling of PGMs from spent automotive catalysts are the richest PGM secondary resources taking into consideration the volume of production in recent years.


Platinum group metals consist of six chemically similar elements, sometimes further classified into light which are ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh) and palladium (Pd) and heavy iridium (Ir), osmium (Os) and platinum (Pt).  They are highly demanded metals because of common use in today’s key technologies which are catalysis, electronics, and fuel cells. Accordingly, the expand use of PGM triggers the recycling and refining processes within the context of green technology after catalytic convertors start to use for control of exhaust emissions.


Proses Makina PGM Refining System is used to separate platinum, palladium, and rhodium which are the most important metals in terms of major commercial significance from spent catalysts, end of life catalytic converters or metal alloys. The operation occurs in three steps as smelting, chemical leaching and separation. Recovered metals can obtained in powder, metal or other chemical forms.


The Tumbler Reactor are developed by Proses Makina for smelting and leaching:

  • The chemical can contact each material and the material can solve in short time thanks to tumbler reactor system that located at a specific angle for homogenization.
  • Our solutions provide more lifetime for equipment with the options of reactor as polypropylene, titanium, stainless steel, and static glass.
  • Option to create a customized plant for maximum efficiency according to process requirements.
  • No air pollution or contaminants due to air treatment system and neutralization unit for fume which forms of during the reaction.
  • The system operates under vacuum conditions while maintaining stringent safety measures by encompassing the speed control and dosing system.
  • Arrangements for the heating system in terms of directly or indirectly as an optional