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Portable XRF Device for Precious Metals

Catalytic converters are important for the precious metal they contain. It contains platinum, palladium, and rhodium as precious metals. With the high economic value of these metals it contains, it must be recycled. It is commercially important and interest in recycling has increased in recent years. Establishing a catalytic converter recycling facility is seen as an opportunity for investors. It is an easy and profitable job to implement after knowing the process.

As Proses Makina Company, we provide every equipment, correct system and chemical solution to investors who want to establish a catalytic converter recycling plant. We offer a complete system where you can obtain platinum and palladium in metallic form separately, and rhodium in powder form from a scrap catalytic converter. However, besides the machinery and equipment required for physical and chemical processes to recover precious metals, analysis is also one of the most needed steps. Because the type and quantity of precious metals contained in catalytic converters are different. Some models contain all three of platinum, palladium, and rhodium, while some models may have only one or no precious metal at all. In other words, if the quality of the material to be processed is not known, precious metal may not be obtained as a result of the process or if the amount it contains is too low, the work performed may not be feasible and the expenses will be more than the income. XRF devices are used in order to prevent these problems and to proceed in a controlled manner in physical and chemical processes.

Because of their portability, XRF devices are easily used in the collection stage of the scrap catalytic converter. For catalytic converter analysis, precious metal determination is made by loading special software. With this special software, quantities of platinum, palladium and rhodium can be read in precious metal mode.

Apart from the scrap catalytic converter collection stage, the XRF device should also be used to control the operation of the facility. By performing solid analysis after each process, the efficiency and process efficiency of each step should be kept under control so that in case of any problem in the system, its source can be found directly, and greater problems or losses are prevented.

As Proses Makina Company, we support our customers in having the appropriate XRF device in addition to providing all plant turnkey machinery and equipment, physical and chemical process. When it comes to precious metal, there should be no margin of error. For this reason, we provide the most appropriate portable XRF device at the most affordable price.