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Structure of Catalytic Converters

Inside the automobile exhausts, there is a system that cleans the poisonous gases caused by combustion. We call it ‘catalytic converter’. It has a honeycomb shape and consists of monolith pores. In order to make toxic gases less harmful on this monolith, noble metals such as rhodium (Rh), platinum (Pt) and / or palladium (Pd) are used in the reactions. Platinum group metals have a strong ability to accelerate chemical reactions. Catalytic converters have been used to improve gas emissions in cars since 1975.

The task of catalytic converters (also known as catalysts) is to remove toxic gases generated during the operation of the engines. It has a very simple system that performs filtering. Placed in the exhaust pipe and looks like a steel box. There are ceramic honeycombs in the catalytic converters. These honeycombs are covered with platinum group metals. With these metals, chemical reaction takes place and the incoming gases exit the exhaust after being cleaned. It is mandatory to use catalytic converters in automobiles.

Metals called platinum group consist of palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. Ore deposits of PGMs are not abundant in the world. However, they are in great demand in production from jewelry to dentistry, from electronics to automobile production. This increases the price of PGMs. Increasing demand also highlights the importance of recycling for platinum group metals. With Proses Makina recycling systems, these metals can be earned with high efficiency.

Running the engine of cars at high speed can cause malfunction of catalytic converters. In high speed engines, heat rises and the combs inside the catalysts fill and lose their function. Even if cars have worked very smoothly, catalytic converters have a certain lifespan. We can easily replace the dead catalysts. Replaced catalysts are raw materials for recycling plants. Collecting catalytic converters and selling them as scrap is also a big market. In addition, the scrap catalyst sector is growing day by day.