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The Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separator used in catalytic converter recycling is a device that ensures the separation of metals, especially ferromagnetic metals, during this process. In catalytic converters, grinding and processing are necessary for the recovery of valuable metals. However, it is crucial that valuable metals are separated from unwanted materials during this process, as recycled valuable metals hold economic significance and must be obtained with high efficiency.

Working Principle of the Magnetic Separator

The working principle of the Magnetic Separator is that it facilitates the efficient separation of metals from other materials during the grinding and processing stages necessary for the recovery of precious metals. With our meticulously designed Magnetic Separator, we not only safeguard your system but also optimize system continuity while enhancing process efficiency. For instance, the introduction of iron particles into the system during the crushing process can lead to physical blockages, diminishing efficiency in the chemical processing section. Even small iron pieces can disrupt the de-canning process. To counteract these detrimental effects, we incorporate a Magnetic Separator after the cutting unit to ensure a complete and efficient separation.

Key Features of Magnetic Separator:

  • Closed System Advantage: Our carefully designed closed system minimizes product loss both in input and output, thus elevating process efficiency and preserving your valuable resources.
  • Magnetic Mastery: Our Magnetic Separator features high magnetism neodymium magnetic bars, swiftly attracting ferromagnetic metals. Unwanted metals are swiftly collected near these magnetic bars.
  • Streamlined Separation: Ferromagnetic metals are effortlessly collected on the magnetic bars, which are constructed of stainless steel to prevent adhesion.
  • Worker Well-Being: The closed system not only enhances process efficiency but also eliminates conditions that could adversely affect the health of the operator.

Proses Makina’s Magnetic Separator:

Proses Makina’s Magnetic Separator has been meticulously crafted with years of experience and engineering knowledge. Our design breathes new life into your recycling process, making it more efficient and profitable. Now, obtaining valuable metals in high purity is simpler with our cutting-edge designs. Additionally, this process contributes significantly to environmental sustainability by efficiently separating other materials. Our advanced technology and efficiency guarantee stand as a testament to our commitment to your success.

In a nutshell, the Magnetic Separator is your go-to solution for catalytic converter recycling, combining efficiency, safety, and customization. If you seek to elevate the effectiveness and profitability of your recycling processes while championing environmental sustainability, our Magnetic Separator is the answer. Contact us today to harness the full potential of our advanced technology and ensure your success.