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Theft of Catalytic Converters in Cars

Catalytic converters are located on the exhaust of the vehicle. It cleans the poisonous gases developed during the operation of the engine. Today it is mandatory to use catalytic converters in cars. The raw material of these catalysts is also very valuable. The prices of these metals, which are called Platin group metals (PGM), are increasing day by day depending on demand. The increase in Platinum (Pt), Palladium (Pd) and Rhodium (Rh) prices affects the catalytic converter prices equally.

The catalytic converter recycling sector is growing rapidly because of increasing prices of PGMs. Authorized automobile services and exhaust repairers sell catalysts from substituted exhausts to recycling facilities and generate substantial income. In addition, the collection of scrap catalysts stands out as a separate profession today.

Scrap catalytic converter prices range from 150-1000 USD. Catalytic converters are also targeted by thieves. It is not very difficult for thieves to steal these catalysts from vehicles outside. With the jack and a small saw, the pipes on both sides of the catalytic converter can be cut out. They can sell easily due to demand in the market. It is noticed that sometimes catalytic converters are removed during vehicle repairs made in unauthorized services.

The catalysts of luxury and sports cars are the biggest target for thieves. Because they can be sold easily and at the highest price in the market. Catalysts in American cars and luxury cars in Europe attract the attention of thieves due to their prices. The prices of some older vehicles are almost as much as catalytic converters. Catalytic converter theft increases 4 times every year. In addition, catalytic converters for hybrid vehicles are also stolen by thieves, and car insurance has difficulties to meet this loss.

To prevent catalytic converter theft, cars should be left in the garage, secure parking lots, camera-watched streets or bright areas. There are also specially designed locks for catalytic converters only.