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Waste Water Treatment System is a pH neutralization plant to neutralize the waste product solution before discharging it to the environment. The requirement in terms of pH value to be discharged from a wastewater treatment plant is in the range of 7 to 8. The main reason is to protect rivers and aquatic life and to avoid damage due to corrosion.


pH Neutralization System has developed and used successfully by Proses Makina for control the waste acid or base that occurs in the end of refining and electrolysis operations.

  • Ensures the optimum pH range with automatic feeding system
  • Contribute the circular economy reducing the acid/base consumption with reuse of it after neutralization process
  • Excellent integration of neutralization system for the processes which will be treated including the chemical preparation and sedimentation tanks
  • Provides the gradual sedimentation operation to achieve the environmental limit
  • High separation rates through the filter press system


Waste gas scrubber system can be treated in the direction of waste management system in order to minimize pollution.

Emissions to the air in the applications of Proses Makina include:

  • Exhaust air from general ventilation systems
  • Waste gases from vents from storage and handling of products, raw materials and intermediates
  • Waste gases from solvent regeneration
  • Tail gases from reaction vessels and condensers
  • Flue-gases from energy-providing units, such as process furnaces, steam boilers, combined heat and power units, gas turbines, and gas engines

in types of carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, halogens, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matters such as dust, soot, alkali, and heavy metals sourced from the chemical, pharmaceutical, and textile industries.


Wet scrubbers are a system to clean the gas stream which include the hazardous substances by generated from the process. A liquid – usually water – is injected into the waste gas stream. The liquid droplets impact and entrain particulates from the waste gas stream and collecting them in the sump for blow down. The treated air stream is discharged through the exhaust stack. The selection of absorption liquids depends on the content of the gas mixture. The absorption process is carried out when polluted gas passes through a washing tower and particles larger than 1mm in diameter collide with water droplets or wet surfaces.


Chemical Washing Tower

  • Optimum design with sufficient contact time so that the reaction is completed between the liquid and pollutants.
  • Special geometry with an extended contact surface since the reactions can take as long as tens of seconds.

Our treatment system depends on the recovery at high rates and is has designed the plants by a particularly fast investment payback.