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Vacuum Transfer Unit

Vacuum Transfer System

Vacuum transfer system, also known as the cyclone system is a key player in the world of catalytic converter recycling that ensures efficiency and sustainable solutions. This system not only transports materials efficiently, but also optimizes the processing of smaller particles from processes such as ball milling. This system facilitates the recovery of valuable metals while maintaining a closed system to protect operator health and ensure the material continues the recycling process without losses.

Working Principle of Vacuum Transfer System

The working principle of vacuum transfer system involves the use of a vacuum or negative pressure to transport materials or substances from one location to another within an enclosed system. When it comes to catalytic converter recycling, the materials are usually in the form of fine powder or particles. The vacuum transfer system works by creating a vacuum force that pulls these materials through special hoses or pipes. The blower, an important component of the system, helps collect materials from the source. The pulled materials are then directed to the cyclone separator, the central core of the vacuum transfer system. This separator, characterized by a circular cone shape, provides rotational movement to the incoming materials. During this process, heavier dust and particles are expelled from the cyclone separator, while lighter materials or air are drawn towards the center. As a result, dust and particles are separated and collected efficiently.

Key Features of Vacuum Transfer System

  • Dust-Proof and Safe Product Transfer: The Vacuum Transfer System we designed is your ideal solution for the problem-free transfer of powder, granules and similar materials, and guarantees ‘dust-proof’ product transfer as a result of being designed as a closed system.
  • Protection of Operator Health: Our system provides a safe environment for operators with its dust-proof feature, protecting them from exposure to hazardous substances.
  • Flexible and Controlled Product Transfer: Designed to meet your specific capacity requirements, our system can effortlessly extract materials from sources and transfer them to desired locations. Whether you’re looking to fill double-cone blenders, large bags or containers, the Vacuum Transfer System acts as a temporary storage container, providing precise control over product flow to meet your unique needs.
  • Traceable Transfer: Our meticulously designed system is equipped with a level sensor above the Cyclone Separator. This feature allows you to track the collection of materials from sources, providing a visual tool to track material transfer.

Proses Makina’s Vacuum Transfer System;

Proses Makina’s Vacuum Transfer System stands as an unrivaled choice when it comes to ensuring the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of your processes. Here’s why you should consider making this part of your operations:

  • Efficiency: Our system optimizes material handling, making it cleaner, safer and highly efficient. This efficiency provides significant time and cost savings.
  • Harmless to Health: We prioritize the well-being of your operators with a dust-proof design that keeps hazardous products under control and protects their health.
  • Budget Friendly: Our Vacuum Transfer System is designed with your budget in mind. By streamlining processes and minimizing material losses, it offers a cost-effective solution to your recycling needs in the long term.
  • Customizable: We recognize that every operation is unique. Our system can be tailored to your exact requirements to suit your specific needs perfectly.

By choosing Proses Makina Vacuum Transfer System, you are not just investing in a solution; You’re investing in efficiency, safety and long-term cost savings. Our commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction enables you to make a smart, strategic choice for your business.

For more information and questions, contact us today and take a step into cleaner, safer and more efficient material transportation. Make Proses Makina Vacuum Transfer System an integral part of your environmental sustainability and process safety journey.