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What Are The Prices of The Catalytic Recycling System?

The number of investors who want to set up a recycling business is increasing each passing day. Because the investments are paying off in a very short time. In particular,  Catalytic recycling plants earns installation costs for almost in 6 months.

Also, the prices of catalytic recycling systems are not too high for a new business setup. The price of Proses Makina, especially the physical systems of precious metals in the honeycomb inside the catalytic converters, is quite affordable for the start.

The rising prices of platinum, palladium, rhodium and the increasing demands are constantly increasing the profit of companies that make catalytic recycling. In addition, car sales are constantly increasing all over the world. For that reason, more cars and auto parts will be recycled in the future.

Most of the countries provide almost state support for the catalyst recycling facility. In addition, permitting processes do not take too long time. Initially, only physical recycling can be done. In other words, opening the catalyst and enriching the metals. Beginning investors mostly start with physical recycling and then take the chemical recycling system. Both systems do not take up much space. 250-300 m2 is mostly sufficient. In this case, the rental or settlement costs are also low. One of the most important points is that there is no loss in honeycomb coming out of the metal. The other is a good purification system. Proses Makina provides its customers with quality dust collector and neutralization systems working with the right system.

Prices of catalytic recycling units depends on the manufacturer. Here, as well as the price, efficiency should be considered. Proses Makina offers high efficiency. In addition, the installation of catalytic recycling facilities is not very complex units. Only the chemical process requires know-how. It does not require a lot of staff costs. There is no large amount of operating expenses.