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How Much Is Scrap Catalytic Converter Price?

Although scrap catalytic converter prices vary according to the brand and model, they start from a minimum of $ 6 and go up to around $ 800. The most important factor affecting the price is the amount of precious metal it contains. If a straight and correct logic is made, it can be said that the more precious metals it contains, the higher the scrap price. However, increasing platinum, palladium and rhodium prices also cause the prices of scrap catalytic to increase. In fact, the rate of profit for the investor increases in the same way. A company that recycles catalytic converters will obtain the same amount of product and make more profit with Pt, Pd, Rh, which increases in value. On the other hand, scrap dealers increase their scrap prices as soon as they realize the profit.

Which scrap catalytic converters are worth most?

The most expensive catalytic converter according to 2021 data, with the Ferrari F430 brand model, costs around $4500 each. Afterwards, Dodge Ram 2500, Lamborghini Aventador, Ford 250, and Ford Mustang catalytic follow respectively.

Is there big money in stolen catalytic?

That’s actually the main reason why it’s technically “stolen”. Catalytic converters are stolen because they are a good source of money. The platinum, palladium, and rhodium they contain makes the catalytic economically valuable. That’s why theft and catalytic theft is so high.

Is it possible to get money from old catalytic converter?

Absolutely yes. Scrap catalytic converters are an important source of investment. By recycling, the precious metals in it are recovered. Palladium and rhodium, even more valuable than gold, are recovered from catalytic converters. With the 15 years of experience and advanced technological equipment of Proses Makina Company, platinum palladium and rhodium are recovered in high purity from scrap catalytic converters. Investors who want to establish a refinery in this area can make a strong entry into the sector by using Proses Makina machines.